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 Nouveautés Patch 16.03.06

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MessageSujet: Nouveautés Patch 16.03.06   Mer 7 Mar - 22:32

PvP Server Changes
We've added more PvP rules with this update—it’s now uncool to kill players 6+ levels lower than you. These players will now receive the red name of shame and their punishment will be left up to the community.
You will now earn Infamy Points for killing lower-level players—60 points for players 6-10 levels lower than you; 120 points for players 11 or more levels lower than you.
If you have even one Infamy Point, you will be labeled an outlaw.
We won't penalize you for being an outlaw (having Infamy Points), but the community may retaliate as it sees fit.
Infamy Points will diminish at a rate of one every five minutes. You can also work them down one at a time by killing monsters equal to your level or higher.
Controller Updates!
We added a /controller command to access the controller options. We're looking at you, Nostromo users.
The controller option will now default to camera- or reticle-facing rather than character-facing. This should also please players using a controller-plus-mouse combination.
Quick tip: if you are using a controller with a melee class, try using the character-facing option.
All classes can now hold down the main attack controller button to activate the combo attacks. This works the same way as holding down your mouse button.
Quest Updates
Strife in Fey Forest and Keeping the Quota now spawn their quest objectives more often in more places.
A Measure of Vengeance will now spawn its objective in three different locations.
Faeries in a Fix is no longer a prerequisite to the Faerie Emissary quest.
A Few Other Miscellaneous Changes
Implemented a five-second cast time to switch between channels. No more sitting on the couch and channel-surfing.
Zone channels now have better scaling based on population, so should provide a more seamless party experience when zoning into an area.
The "Exchange" menu option has been changed to "Claim Items". You won’t have items to claim yet, but this is where your pre-order and Collector's Edition goodies will be!
Guild slash commands (/gkick, /guildkick, /gmaster, /guildmaster) are no longer case sensitive to the player's name. Rage-kicking your guildies has never been easier!
What Happened? (Some Things to Still Look Out For)
Circle the Wagons – Cinematic will not render environmental detail if player has Distant Environmental detail below the max setting of six.
Cancelling a teleport still consumes the scroll.
Mystic thrall re-engages monster after player dies. Seeking revenge, we presume.
Closing your launcher after entering TERA will cause possible crashes at server select. Please keep your launcher running to avoid this issue.
Dynamic Veridian – This mount quest will appear twice now if you are level 11 and log into 16.03.05. It won’t, however, get you a horse of another color.
Queues are displaying ordinals incorrectly. ("You are 1th} in line.") If it was just "1th" it wouldn’t be a big deal, but you can’t handle the "2th".
Items with a re-use cooldown over 20 minutes display the cooldown abnormally in the tooltip window.
When the Negotiate Confirmation popup (the brokerage negotiation) UI shows under ten seconds remaining, clicking OK does not work.
When a priest's Final Reprisal is triggered as a chain skill, the chain skill icon disappears too quickly.
Lock-on skills that are not registered on the first skill tray do not fire with left-click.
Mystic's Thrall of Life reports amount healed twice. That thrall…what a showoff.
The effects of both glyphs for the mystic's skill Teleport Jaunt do not apply at the same time.
When a stacked item without a cooldown (such as a charm) is placed on the shortcut tray and right-clicked, you will spend two rather than just one. Charming.

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Nouveautés Patch 16.03.06
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